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Hello I'm Lisa a mature, bisexual woman who loves sex! But don't worry gentlemen, just because I'm bisexual doesn't mean that I don't I love men. I may enjoy the female form but I love the feeling of a man inside me. If you're in the mood for roleplay games, sex toy fun or even just to relax, chat and get to know each other, I know that you'll enjoy our time together immensely.

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Sex Toy Fun with Mature Lisa

Mature MILF Lisa

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I know my way around a strap on, it is my favorite sex toy after all. Since I’ve been bisexual my whole life, I’ve been on the receiving end of a cock (both real and rubber) about as many times as I’ve been on the giving end. Strap on …

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Bi-curious Exploration with Lisa

Mature Fetish Loving Lisa

How many of you men who are reading this right now are cock curious or have thought about bi-curious exploration? I bet it’s quite a few of you. You see, guys, I have a theory. I think that there are very few perfectly 100% straight people (or perfectly 100% gay people, for that matter) in …

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