Allow me to introduce myself, I am Humiliatrix Sheridan, the Mistress of Humiliation and when it comes to the men in my life, they are indeed REAL men, not pencil-dick pussies like most of you. No worries though, I know exactly what to do when a pathetic loser crosses my path. You were meant to take my mistreatment and humiliation with grace. There is no end to the personal humiliations you will experience.

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March Madness Tease & Denial with Sheridan

Cock and Ball Tease Sheridan

I’m a sexy, hot little Cock Tease and your a silly willy little pervert! I can’t believe you thought you’d have a chance with me! HAHAHA! My favorite thing is tease and denial phone sex, and I’m sooooo good at it. I’ll even taunt you. I’ll make sure you can taste and smell my deliciousness …

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Male Chastity for Losers with Mistress Sheridan

Male Chastity with Humiliatrix Sheridan

Hey there, losers.   I have a question for you.   Are you finding that your normal small penis humiliation fantasies are boring to you now?   Well, I think I have a solution for you.   *Evil grin* Your dick is so small that I’ve got no use for it.   No woman in …

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