Your Sissy & Cross-dressing Teacher

I have always loved sexy lingerie and Victoria’s Secret is my absolute favorite place to shop. I have a great sense of style and one of my favorite things to do is take you sissy boys shopping online to teach you the proper ways to dress like a lady. Panties will feel so sensual against your sissy cock, stockings and garters will make your legs look more feminine, and let’s not forget the perfect lacy bra to show off those girly breasts I will give you.

If you’re going to act like a sissy, you can bet that I will dress and treat you like one. I’ll show you how to put on make up, complete with the perfect ruby red lips. We will do your hair and accessorize your sexy outfit to complete the new you. After your transformation, when you are looking like the lady you know you were meant to be, we will give you a new sissy name and we’ll go out so you learn all the things every one of us girls need to know!

Whether you are looking for a lesbian lover or a big-dicked stud, I will guide you and teach you to be all the woman you can be, from coiffed head to polished toes. Bear in mind that sometimes a real woman understands the need to sometimes be a slut. Sometimes a woman just has to suck the biggest cock she can find to prove her womanhood. Even more, sometimes a woman has to get on her hands and knees, turn around and feel her silky panties slide to the side – and you know why…

If you’re willing and ready, then wait no more. It’s time for a Girls’ Night Out and you’re going to make the best sissy slut sex toy in town. No one will know the truth except you and me!

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