Coed Panty Tease Mallory

Coed Panty Tease Mallory Heya, boys!   What’s up?  Well, besides your dicks, LOLOLOL!!! I’m Mallory your coed panty tease.

Speaking of your dicks, I’m going to tell you a little something about me.   I absolutely LOVE being a cock tease.   Turning you guys on and leaving you there to squirm on the edge for as long as I find it amusing is AWESOME.   Besides, I’m really freaking good at it, too.

Do you like playing with girls like me?   I’m sure you do.   I bet you enjoy the feeling of being teased and tormented and being left to wriggle like a worm on a hook for far longer than you ever thought you could handle.  That challenge, that feeling of overcoming your previous “records” is addictive for you, isn’t it?   I sure hope so, anyway, because that’s exactly what we’re going to do when you call me!   I mean, if you’ve ever wondered just how long you could hold out, I’m gonna show you that your limitations are way farther out than you ever thought they were!

Will there be denial with this teasing phone sex session?   Hmm, maybe.  Or maybe not.   Guess there’s only one way for you to find out, huh?

Call me, Mallory, your coed panty tease right now at the number below, and you’ll soon find out if denial is in your future today or not!

1-877-TASTY-10 (1-877-827-8910)


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