Your BBW Sex Toy

In my opinion, a man needs a lot more than a bony ass to play with. That will take you just so far. I’m no spinner that you can toss around the bed during our sexcapades but you will go crazy over the weight of my body against yours. Nothing says “desire” more than two bodies heaving and gasping for air as they crawl all over each other, fucking, sucking and kissing. I will make your dick swell to painful new heights when you let it sink between the folds of my flesh or, better yet, letting it get lost in the deep, dark, wet walls of the juiciest pussy you could ever imagine.

I want you to try your best to grip my huge butt with both hands while I bounce up and down on your dick. I want you to bury your dick between my tits and then slide it up and down just enough for my tongue to lap up your pre cum when it pops up near my tongue.

I know you might fantasize more about what it might be like to bed a Size 0 girl but there’s no way any of them could make you come the way I can. I am young but I learned early how to use everything I have to get what I want. And I have A LOT to use to my advantage. What I want most right now is for you to be so horny you can’t think of anything except sloppy BBW sex with a fun big girl like me.

Your dick MUST be aching to get lost between my thighs. Your face has to be starving to be smothered by the weight of my pussy on your mouth.

Call and ask for Desiree so can do this right –
and do this right now!

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