Dirtiest of the Dirty with Doloris

Dirtiest of the Dirty with Cuckold Wife Doloris I think one of the most common phone sex fantasies that Mrs. Doloris hears from you boys is actually more like a confession, the dirtiest of the dirty if you can believe that.

Many men are ashamed to admit their bicurious fantasies to me. That’s a shame because I do love to introduce men to the pleasures of sexually servicing other men.

You see, I have quite a network of bisexual men around me. This is mostly due to my involvement in the swingers’ community, but I’ve found them in other ways, too. Even my husband has explored his bi fantasies thoroughly and has come to the conclusion that he loves going both ways! Of course, he discovered that mostly through cuckolding, but that’s another story.

The moral of the story is, this Granny can find any sort of man that you think you’d feel comfortable with to introduce into our fantasy. Then, I can give you exact instructions on what to do and how to do it.

You’ll be an accomplished cocksucker in no time!

And that’s just the beginning because you probably like to think about cocks going in other holes as well. Your mature lady can train your little ass to take any cock, anytime, anywhere!

So give me a call, boys. We can have the dirtiest of dirty phone sex together.

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