Forced Bi Phone Session with Ms. Lisa

Forced Bi Phone Session with Ms. Lisa As a bisexual woman, there’s nothing I love more than helping others explore their bisexual sides as well. And since I’ve had quite a bit of experience doing so, I’m pretty good at it, if I do say so myself.

Some men are more than happy to jump at the chance to suck on a big cock. Others, while they secretly want to, are a little reluctant at first. They prefer for me to take control and set it up as a forced bi scenario where they have no choice in the matter. Me, I’m good with doing it either way.

Some guys even prefer if I dress them up like a girl beforehand. It seems to make them more comfortable, since they’re taking the “female” role. And I’ve never been opposed to the feminization of men, so I’m happy to just go with it.

So imagine this — you’re all dressed up in your sluttiest girly finery, and I’ve got you lying on your back on my bed. Your skirt is pushed up to your waist, and your panties are pushed to the side. I’m sitting beside you, and one of my big male lovers is positioning himself between your legs. You stare at him from behind your perfectly made-up face because he wants to look you in the eye while he pounds you…

Mmmmm, sounds hot to me! What do you think? Call me, Ms. Lisa, if you want to continue this forced bi phone sex fantasy!

1-877-TASTY-10 (1-877-827-8910)


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