Sex toy fun, bisexual and intricate roleplays

Before you ask me if I have a boyfriend or husband, I’ll tell you right now the answer is no, but I do have a girlfriend. I don’t consider myself a lesbian, nor am I confused. What I am is bisexual. I love men, I just happen to be in a relationship with a very sexy lady right now. Being with her has taught me to be quite the strapon expert.

I’ve since talked to several men who enjoy being on the receiving end of my plastic cock too. I think being bi has added to my sexual imagination and creativity, I love creating roleplays that are so detailed you’d think it’s really happening. I have accumulated quite a selection of toys to use on our fantasy phone sex call. We could roleplay about the two of us, or include another man or woman.

And, if we include my sexy toys, it will be hard to keep me from coming before you. It would be hot to have you bring some toys to our party; playing with sex toy props only makes our session together better. But, even if you don’t, it’s okay, because I’m certain that you will love what I have to offer you. I may enjoy the female form but nothing is better than feeling a man shoot his hot spunk all over me. If you’re in the mood for roleplay games, sex toy fun or even just to relax, chat and get to know each other, I know that you’ll enjoy our time together immensely.

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