Insatiable Older Woman

Hi boys! I’m Marsha and I am a very naughty Grandmom of five and Mother of two. I’ve always been attracted to younger men, my ex-husband was 11 years my junior. It seems the older I get, the younger I like you boys. My current lover is 22 years young, and let me tell you, he knows how to rock this old lady’s world. When it comes to sex, I am pretty insatiable, and I’ve found that men my own age often can’t come close to keeping up with me. I am multi-orgasmic and can have one orgasm after another for several minutes straight… And I’m loud. Very loud.

When you call me, I’ll tell you the story about what happened when my terrified neighbor called the police thinking someone broke into my home and was raping me. Two policemen, one fresh out of the academy, banged on my door with guns drawn, looking very concerned and very sexy.

Trust me when I say it’s “too hot” to tell you here what happened. But, suffice it to say, I do love a young man in a uniform. If you are turned on by an attractive, intelligent and together older woman, who absolutely loves sex, call and ask for Marsha.

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