Ms. Gladys Gives Sissy Whores A Firm Hand

Ms. Gladys Gives Sissy Whores A Firm Hand If there’s one thing Ms. Gladys knows, it’s sissy boys. All you sissy whores need a firm hand, and I’m the one who’s ready to give it to you.

Some of you may think that the feminization aspect is all there is to sissy phone sex. But you have no idea how wrong you are. Dressing you up in panties — hell, even a full outfit — is just the beginning. Once you’re all prettied up, the real fun begins.

I’ve got a lot of different things I like to do with sissies. Sometimes, I think it’s funny to just sit back and watch you. A lot of times, I’ll give a little sissy slut a dildo and tell him I want to see him masturbate. Watching him play with his little clitty and fuck his pussy with that toy gives me a good laugh!

Of course, sometimes, I like to take matters into my own hands with a little strap on phone sex. A slut just can’t fuck himself as hard as I can. I’ll make it so you can’t walk straight for a week.

Just wait ’til you have to explain that to somebody! Ha! Call Ms. Gladys, your mature phone sex Mistress, and see how I handle you sissy whores.

1-877-TASTY-10 (1-877-827-8910)


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