Humiliatrix in High Heels

Don’t think I haven’t noticed the way you stare at my perfect body. You can only dream about being with a woman like me, all the while being acutely aware that you could never truly have me.

When it comes to the men in my life, they are indeed REAL men, not pencil-dick pussies like you. No worries though, I know exactly what to do when a pathetic loser crosses my path. You were meant to take my mistreatment and humiliation with grace. You are here to entertain and amuse me for however long, and in whatever way, I see fit. I might put you in frilly panties and parade you in front of my friends. Worse, you might put on a fashion show for your friends and colleagues. I might turn you into a sissy faggot cocksucker, rarely, if ever, reaching a sexual relief yourself. Or, even better, perhaps I will introduce you to my strap on while you act as the fluffer for my REAL men.

If you’re lucky, I’ll let you taste my sweet cream pie as a treat – if you’re real lucky, you might taste their jizz. There is no end to the personal humiliations you will experience. After all, I call myself Humiliatrix Sheridan, the Mistress of Humiliation. And you, well, you are disposable waste to be used until I am ready for a REAL man to pleasure me.

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