Sissy boy Dress up with Mature Eddy

Sissy boy Dress up with Sensual Older Woman Eddy Are you ready to be my pretty little dolly girl? Good because I just love turning you into the sexy slut sissy boy you know you’ve always wanted to be. Where will we begin. We’ll start at the beginning of course. If you want to be a smooth pretty girl that will drive the men wild, we’ll need to get rid of that unsightly body hair won’t we? It’s the price of beauty, slut.

After we have you all waxed and plucked we’ll do the smelly lotion. That’s right, I don’t miss a thing. When you’ve been a phonesex professional for as long as I have, you know to get every detail. After the lotion, it’s the really fun part . . . makeup! You’re not going to recognize yourself when I’m finished with you.

With the makeup applied with perfection, we’ll move on to your hair. You’ll either have grown your own long luxurious hair for this very thing, or I will use a wig or extensions. Either way, you’ll feel that tickle on the back of your neck and back when your silky hair brushes against your bare skin.

And speaking of bare skin, it’s time to get dressed! Silk stockings, lacy panties and matching bra, garters, and of course a sexy number to die for with the hottest heals you can imagine and you’ll be ready.

“Ready for what?” you might wonder. Well, that’s why you’re going to have to call me. If you think my detail in writing is interesting, just wait until you hear my voice and witness my mind running free. Sissy boy phone sex is just one of my many specialties. I’m mature and well seasoned. I know just what pretty little sluts like you need, so call now and ask for Ms. Eddy.

1-877-TASTY-10 (1-877-827-8910)


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