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    Special of the Month Eddy

    Your first 10 minutes with Eddy is:

    U.S. callers — $18.90 (Save  $6.00)
    International Callers — $28.40 (Save $6.50)

    Check out the lovely Eddy by clicking Here

    “Girlies and Grannies – 24/7 Customer Service and Discreet billing to your credit/debit card”

    For more detailed Billing and Rates information please visit our Rates page.

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    To Receive Your Savings.


    Established Clients (5+ Calls)
    If you’ve called us in the last 60 days, you deserve a phone sexy birthday present!

    Get a free birthday call with the phone sex extraordinaire of your choice during your birthday month!
    To have your free call approved drop a request to: birthdays@girliesandgrannies.com

    See our FAQ for further Girlies and Grannies info.