Sensual, Seductive Granny Who Loves Younger Men

My name is Sydney and I’m an older full-figured woman who fully enjoys the fine art of fantasy and roleplay. I find myself fantasizing even when I’m not waiting to talk to a sexy man on the phone. Before I drift off to sleep at night, I almost always lay quietly in the darkness of my bedroom fantasizing about teaching a young man how to pleasure a woman – especially me.

My nights often end the same way: A nice long bubble bath, maybe a glass of wine, and me crawling into my bed nude with my fingers gliding softly over my damp clit. As I drift off to sleep, I daydream about having a visiting stepson or nephew, like you, who leaves his bedroom door cracked open just enough for me to see you on your bed masturbating. I pretend that I put on my silky robe and quietly slip into your room and lay next to you. I cuddle up close so you can feel my large soft breasts pressing against you as I gently reach my hand around and caress your chest, your stomach and your man-like cock. I think about telling you about the needs of a woman and the importance of learning how to pleasure one.

“Your first time should be special,” I say to myself in the dark, and I turn you toward me as my tongue finds its way into your mouth…That’s always the point I drift off to sleep. How I’d love to finish that fantasy on the phone with you.

I’m a compassionate and mature woman, who fully appreciates fantasy roleplay. I am here, ready to please and to teach you. I am a Mom to a son and a Grandma to two great little guys. I know all about taking care of you boys, regardless of your age. We can role-play a special fantasy or relive a real life experience that you enjoyed. I am always available and waiting for your call.
Just ask for Sydney.

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