Sissification Emasculation with Ms. Gladys

Men who can’t truly be men have only one alternative. They must be women. Or at least cheap knockoffs of women. Don’t you agree? Of course you do. That is why you’re here, sissification.

You know that you’re a failure as a man, with your tiny penis and your even tinier array of knowledge about making a woman happy, both sexually and otherwise. So you seek out a mature Femdom like me for the ultimate in emasculation.

You’ve been a “man” in name only for years. Go ahead and give that up, too, and get rid of all the pretenses. Come on down to Ms. Gladys for the sissification you so richly deserve.

Now, I would never insult real women like myself or any of my lovely friends here on this site and elsewhere by trying to actually turn you into a woman. You’d be awful at that, too. That’s why you’re going to be a sissy, a pathetic combination of the two that’s somehow completely useless for anything other than being laughed at.

Come on. Give into the life of emasculation and humiliation that you know you were made for. Call Ms. Gladys for some sissification phone sex, and we’ll get right on that.

Sissification Emasculation with Ms. Gladys

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